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Condos, rental apartments, townhouses, and more – North Built Construction Inc. is well poised with decades of experience in general contracting and construction management for all tenant improvements Vancouver projects.  Our secret to success is an unwavering commitment to family-centered values of quality, integrity, and partnership.

Since 1979, North Built Construction Inc. has served the Greater Vancouver region and surrounding communities by providing the highest standards of general contracting and construction management services for multi-family homes, custom homes, spec homes, renovations, and even commercial building projects.  At the very core of our success are the relationships we build not only with our tradespeople but also each of our clients regardless of the size or scope of their project.

Until recently, North Built Construction Inc. has relied on word-of-mouth referrals to build a portfolio of satisfied customers.  Without our dedication to meeting the highest standards of building practice and developing strong partnerships with our clients and tradespeople, we would not be here today – some 40 years after our humble beginnings as a general contractor doing public work.  Through open communication that is predicated on integrity and honesty and extensive experience in a diverse array of construction projects, we combine a compassionate approach with quality work to ensure each of our clients’ satisfaction.



Indeed, our industry reputation speaks for itself – at North Built Construction Inc., we have maintained long-lasting relationships with our clients, at times spanning nearly 2 decades with some of the most respected developers in Vancouver.  In fact, over 35 years, our work has been insured by Travellers Home Warranty (formerly New Home Warranty), and our unblemished record of success has even earned us a from Travellers Home Warranty for a boutique townhouse project in Vancouver.

Our commitment to quality work and honest business practices has allowed us to maintain unwavering relationships with all construction stakeholders including clients, tradespeople, and insurance providers.

Tenant Improvements Vancouver

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