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Since 1979, North Built Construction Inc. have been delivering exceptional general contractor and construction management services for residential and commercial renovations Vancouver in Greater Vancouver and its surrounding communities.  Just as our customers can expect quality, integrity, and partnership in our custom homes, spec homes, and commercial buildings, we strive for unparalleled service and absolute customer satisfaction in all our renovations.

At North Built Construction Inc., we combine decades of industry experience, solid relationships with our tradespeople and clients, and innovative design and construction approaches to ensure our renovations meet and exceed our clients’ visions.  From the simplest bathroom renovation to major additions, no renovation project is too small or too large.

We have a long history in the renovation game, and we are particularly proud of the work we did to address the leaky condo crisis of the 1990s when we quickly realized the need to work closely with engineers to exceed building code and prevent future problems.

More than that, through our experience in renovations and repairs, we know that homeowners may be in a vulnerable position when seeking our services.  We’ve found that our family-focused values help us to address our customers concerns with compassion and collaboration regardless of the type of work we manage.

Moreover, we’re always looking forward at North Built Construction Inc.  Our customers are part of our team and we work together to identify building practices and solutions that are suitable today and well into the future.  We not only respect and value our clients, but also recognize the need to protect our natural surroundings through ethical construction practices.  Our unparalleled renovation expertise allows us to offer cutting-edge renovations that feature state-of-the-art designs that are functional, sophisticated, and sustainable.

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