North Built Construction Inc. FAQs



How long will it take and what will it cost?

Every new home build or renovation is different with regards to the length of time the project will take as well as the cost. 

There are many different variables that effect both time and budget, such as the size of the project, the location, product selections as well as the time of year.  We believe that time spent with customers to help plan there project is beneficial to helping ensure that there are no surprises. 

We help make sure everything for the whole project has been accounted for.  As there is no easy way to answer this question, please feel free to call us to discuss your project in-depth.  We would be happy to work with you to create a budget that will meet your suite your needs.

What is your cost per square foot?

The answer depends on the style of home, size of home and the features that are chosen for the project, for example, cabinet features, counter tops, flooring and such.  All these features can drastically affect the cost of the project, because they are not increasing the square footage.

Once the drawings are complete and the features for the project have been chosen, an accurate square foot price can be established.

What is your warranty?

North Built Construction Inc. is a registered builder with The Home Protection Office (HPO) and with Travelers Warranty.  We are covered by their 2-5-10 year warranty.

We carry a 12 month warranty for product and workmanship.

  • 2 years on workmanship and labour for the electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems.
  • 5 year on the building envelope and
  • 10 years on the structural component of the home.

We are also aware that our success as a builder depends on satisfied customers, and we will not hesitate to respond to a customer’s concerns after the home is built.

How do we work together during the construction of our project and what if we make changes during the project?

Besides regular planning, update calls and site meetings during the project, we will make sure that lines of communication will always be open whether through phone calls or emails.  We understand the busy schedules of our customers and will do are best to facilitate convenient times and ways to meet or speak with you.  Although proactive planning usually uncovers all elements of design and technical issues, sometimes ideas occur or a change in product or a feature is desired after construction is started.

In these situations we will work with you to identify the best solutions and explore any options.  The resulting change may or may not require any additional costs, in any case both parties will agree on a documented  plan of action so everyone will be aware of the changes and any associated costs, eliminating any surprises.

All changes will be required to be signed by the owner prior to the changes taking place.

How do you ensure that quality is maintained throughout the course of the project?

North Built Construction Inc. takes pride in the quality of all their projects no matter how big or small.  Over the life of our company we have carefully selected both employees and tradespeople that exude honesty, integrity and craftsmanship.  This has allowed us to ensure that the highest standards of quality throughout your project are met.

Through the process of construction we regularly conduct our own quality control as well, to ensure that all the details of the project have been taken care of, eliminating as many mistakes as possible.  We pride ourselves in a product that is 100% complete at the time of presenting it to the owner.

Whatever the project we would love to hear from you...