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North Built Construction Vancouver

North Built Construction Vancouver was established in 2018, with 22 years of experience behind us in the construction industry our leadership team maintains a passion for developing new relationships, starting new projects, and delivering successful services to our many clients.

We pride ourselves on a commitment to quality, integrity, and partnership that is born from deep-seeded values

North Built Construction Vancouver


Greg Steinbichler

Greg Steinbichler

If you ask Greg, he’ll tell you he comes by the excitement of construction honestly; after all, he’s followed in his father’s footsteps.  Growing up, he saw the hard work and dedication his father put into his family-owned construction business and would often dedicate his own free time (including weekends and days off from school) to help with the family business.  Construction has always been his passion.

Within 2 years of finishing high school, Greg had completed his carpentry apprenticeship and then experimented in different areas of construction including forming, framing, and siding.  Greg has always appreciated the satisfaction of making his customers’ visions a reality and felt especially satisfied working in forming and framing as daily progress toward these visions was tangible.

Eventually, Greg was given the opportunity to experience the building process from a bigger picture perspective and developed a keen interest in managing projects from beginning to end including budgeting, breaking ground, and eventually presenting the finished product to the owner.  In 21 years since he first entered the construction business, he still feels excited not only by his portfolio of success in home renovations, high end custom homes, multi-family dwellings, commercial projects, institutional projects, and exterior envelopes, but also by the prospect of building new relationships and completing construction projects that meet the highest standards of quality.

And like his father, Greg credits his core family values and European heritage that embraces quality, craftsmanship, respect, honesty, and integrity in every project he manages regardless of the size or scope.

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